BLUE - ENGINEERING S.r.l.has the purpose to give a complete answer to the constant innovative and automation demands for the control of the manufactory factory processes, offering, at the same time, the possibility to integrate the archiviation of all the operations and the datas used by the process.
The knowledge of the most modern technologies and design methods permit to solve some problems that come from the sensor and the net fields to get to the data exchanges with the managerial system.
To offer the best solution for each customer we use the products of the best software and hardware producers and we can design, achieve, document, install and keep control system and data-gathering based on PLC, PC, DCS.

As well as producing new-built plants,BLUE - ENGINEERING S.r.l.restructures existing plants adapting them to the normative and legislative changes. Our professional experiences concern the following services:

Hardware planning: Software planning: Hardware:
- Distribution area planning
- Automation area planning
- Architecture design for the processing control
- Software PLC
- Cards for the plan's system
- Data-gathering for the archiviation and data analyse
- Electric panels
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